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Perception-Aware Attack: Creating Adversarial Music via Reverse-Engineering Human Perception
Rui Duan, Zhe Qu, Shangqing Zhao, Leah Ding, Yao Liu and Zhuo Lu.
ACM CCS 2022 | paper

Low-cost influence-limiting defense against adversarial machine learning attacks in cooperative spectrum sensing
Zhengping Luo, Shangqing Zhao, Rui Duan, Zhuo Lu, Yalin E Sagduyu and Jie Xu.
WiseML 2021 | paper

Generalized Federated Learning via Sharpness Aware Minimization
Zhe Qu, Xingyu Li, Rui Duan, Yao Liu, Bo Tang and Zhuo Lu.
ICML 2022 | paper

Context-Aware Online Client Selection for Hierarchical Federated Learning
In submission